Making friends at a book drive delivery.

A read-aloud is often part of a book drive delivery.
Fast Facts

  • BookEnds, with the help of student volunteers and community partnerships, recycles children’s books, creates and vitalizes libraries in schools and youth organizations.
  • BookEnds main source of books is recycled children's books. These are collected via book drive by student volunteers in schools and service organizations while they learn the value of community service work.
  • BookEnds strives to instill the value of community service in its student volunteers. More than 220,000 youth have been involved in organizing book drives, collecting, sorting and delivering more than 2.1 million books into the hands of 520,000 children with the greatest need for books.
  • 585 libraries have been completed by BookEnds student volunteers.
  • BookEnds is a nonprofit organization that began in 1993 with eight year-old Brandon Keefe, a child who wanted to make a difference. He organized the first book drive.
  • Critical to BookEnds success is the ability to partner with corporations and service organizations that provide the resources to help turn a child with a new book into a reader.
  • BookEnds book drive recipients are those schools that are the most in need and have demonstrated a commitment to actively use the book donations to improve children's literacy.
  • BookEnds increases the ratio of books per student in the schools and organizations we serve, by a minimum of five books per child.
  • Each $100 dollars donated to BookEnds results in more than $500 worth of books for kids.