Showing off their "bookworm" bookmarks, a gift from the recipients they worked with.


BookEnds program generates the maximum number of books for the lowest cost by:

  • leveraging the power of young students' volunteer efforts
  • recycling gently-used and new books that otherwise remain idle
  • creatively partnering with organizations and corporations
  • operating with a lean and entrepreneurial staff to leverage every investment dollar
Since 1998, BookEnds has donated more than two million books valued by LAUSD at more than $16 million dollars.

BookEnds targets educators and youth advocates with the greatest potential to use the books effectively.  Ninety-two percent of the students in our recipient organizations qualify for Title 1 programs.  The ethnic and age composition of our recipient population varies, but averages 62.1% Latino, 9.9% African American, 15.8% Caucasian, 7.4% Asian, 2.3% Filipino and 0.7% Native American or Pacific Islander.  Most of the recipients (64%) are elementary school-aged children, 17% are teenagers, 8% are pre-schoolers, and 11% are families rather than individual children.

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2012 Impact Report